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We are strong believers in the adage

‘prevention is better than cure.’ 

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So much so that we have produced a business wellbeing package that highlights underlying problems, promotes healthy living, helps prevent illness and reduces absenteeism due to staff sickness and poor mental health. 

Please review the offering tab and there is a downloadable leaflet which describes the offering in more detail. 



In 2018/2019 6.9 million working days were lost to work-related injury. On average that is 14 days per incident (HSE – Annual Statistics – Pub March 2019). This does not consider any working days lost due to musculoskeletal issues experienced outside of the workplace, or the well-documented effects of obesity on productivity. And then there’s mental health… .

Our wellbeing packages provide a better, more cost-effective, and proactive solution and are created with small businesses in mind. They offer a range of health talks, diagnostic assessments and treatments that pick up on any underlying issues then look at a range of solutions to pre-empt any long-term problems.


To find out more about the offering please download the leaflet. We will contact you once you have downloaded the leaflet to see if you would like further information. 

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Self Employed

Guide Price


Workstation Annual Assessment 

1 1:1 Health and Wellbeing discussion, with email follow up

1 Treatment each month


Guide Price

Fixed Annual


1 Talk

4 Workstation Assessments 

1 Treatment monthly for each employee


Guide Price

Fixed Annual


2 Talks

10 Workstation Assessments

1 Treatment monthly for each employee

2 Prehab classes, for max 6 employees


Guide Price

Fixed Annual


4 Talks

20 Workstation Assessments

1 Treatment monthly for each employee

4 Prehab classes, for max 6 employees

1 1:1 Wellbeing discussions with every employee, inc. email follow ups

The price above is there as an indication. Each proposal would be tailored specifically for the individual or the company to ensure it meets their specific requirements. 

Treatments will be provided by West Berkshire Injury Clinic and you will be able to choose from Osteopathy, Sports Massage, Rehabilitation and others.

This is an example of the options that are available. 

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Mental Health First Aid.

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Group 98.png

1:1 Diet Advice with our experienced Dietician with follow ups as required. 

Group 99.png

Further treatments and injury rehabilitation.

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About Us

West Berkshire Injury Clinic are a group of highly skilled therapists with a wide range of skills and experienced therapists providing a blend of Sports Therapy, Massage, Osteopathic techniques to reduce the risk and treat a wide range of injuries. 

Our State Registered Dietitian uses a similar holistic approach to help with dietary issues and conditions.

We’re proud of our excellent reputation for delivering the same friendly, dynamic and professional service to everyone.

About Us
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